Organize an event

Send a note with your plans (date, number of guests, time of day, duration, and what you're doing).
We love collaborating with local organizations for events. We've worked with the United Way, The Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio State University, and dozens of local non-profits. Let us know what you're thinking!

Book a show

Send a note with information about your band or artist, suggested dates, and links. Our weekdays are typically full 5-8 weeks out, and weekends are booked 3-5 months in advance.
Wednesdays are always reserved for the Blue Wisp Big Band.

Order a beer

Send a note to us with your retailer or distribution questions. We distribute to Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky, and many areas of Tennessee. We can connect you to your local distributor.

Plan a reception

Send a note with your plans (date, number of guests, and special info). In our upstairs sanctuary space, we host weddings, receptions, and bigger events.
Also see the VENUE page for more details.

Tap Room Location

1660 Blue Rock Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
We’re in the Northside neighborhood of Cincinnati – quick access from the Colerain Ave exit off of I-74, the Mitchell Ave exit off of I-75, or a one block walk from Hoffner Park on Hamilton Avenue.


We moved into the historic St. Patrick’s Catholic Church facility in August of 2014, and opened the doors with our first beers and first music shows in April 2015. We’ve hosted live music nearly every night since then, and poured thousands of barrels of beer into your thirsty glasses.

While not the first to explore the styles, we specialize in tart and wild ales, especially balanced, heavily fruited ales.


Wild, funky, tart, mouthwatering and gossip worthy: Things used to describe the latest pop star gone rogue and more rarely used to describe style-defying beers. Every sip of beer you drink is an experience, much like our taproom, music lounge, performance venue, beer garden, and music label, and each one of the unique shows or performances you attend. Our beers are inspired by our lifestyle, by the culture and community that we define, and by the microscopic natural world around us. We brew beers that can’t be tamed, that never fail to refresh the body and spirit, and that require one to experience the liquid in their glass.

Like us, all our beers are wild. That means, in one way or the other, each and every one of our beers is brewed with locally caught wild yeast, bacteria, or mixed cultures of both. With micro-floral creatures such as Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and Brettanomyces, it is the brewer’s job to get these wild microorganisms to create flavors that are tart and crisp, tropical and wild, and downright funky. It is the ultimate way to truly express a sense of place in our beers, to create beers that form with you a lasting experience, that have the effect of taking you to our brewery, taproom and venue with every sip. At the end of the day, here in the brewery, it is all about our microscopic wild friends.