Tune in to Radio Artifact

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Cincinnati Legion of Archaic Spirits and Paleontology

  • New CLASP exclusive glassware
  • More club exclusive beers for to purchase
  • Beers included in the membership: Terrible Lizard, 2 exclusive fruited spontaneous beers, 4 variants which they vote on

Price: $150


Northside Relic Society

  • New glassware for 2020
  • Unique yearly pin for members
  • Membership cards
  • State of the Brewery Dinner

Price: $50 New Renewal: $35

NRS is being cancelled until further notice. Please sign up for updates below.

CLASP is only available for resign ups starting in March 1st until March 31st. new signups start April 1st and go to April 30th.

Sign up for the waiting list below and we will notify you once the membership is available!