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Radio Artifact

Started in Oct 2017

The station was created for a couple different reasons, it started out with us wanting to add something more to our live music venue, as well as a need for local music to be broadcasted. Around the time that we started our radio, the only radio station in Cincinnati that played local music (WNKU) was bought out. This was a huge opportunity for us to be one of the only stations in Cincinnati that truly focused on supporting local music. Since we had already been recording all of our shows, it was relatively easy to transition into a radio station. Currently we feature 90% local music and 10 different radio shows. Once we have finished updating our live music space, we will begin to feature more recorded content from that space.

The record label will be the distribution arm of the broadcast network. The live shows that we record onsite will be mixed, mastered, and available to stream and download through Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. This is a great way for musicians to get their work recorded and out there affordably, and provide us with a revenus stream focused on what the music team loves doing – collaborating with artists